John W. Harkness, III

District 1 email:

Mr. Harkness has served as a Port Commissioner since being appointed in 2005. Mr. Harkness retired from Carlson Sheet Metal in Spokane. Mr. Harkness has been involved in various Pend Oreille County activities and planning for many years. His years of community service combined with his years of service and experience in industry allow him to provide valuable insight to Port operations.



R.L. (Bob) Shanklin

District 2 email:

Mr. Shanklin has served as a Port Commissioner since January 1, 2000. Mr. Shanklin retired in 1996 after having served 44 years in the railroad industry, including working for the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific, The Seattle North Coast and the Pend Oreille Valley Railroad. He currently provides consulting services to various Short Line Railroads, making bridge inspections and training railroad personnel in how to carry out bridge repairs. Mr. Shanklin’s years of experience in the railroad industry as well as his involvement in other community boards and organizations is an asset to Port operations.


Ryan Kiss

District 3 email:

Mr. Kiss is a businessman residing in District 3.  He is a member of the Selkirk School District Board of Directors.  Mr. Kiss is a third generation Port Commissioner, following his father (Steve Kiss) and grandfather (Dave Garrett) on the Board of Commissioners.  Mr. Kiss has the business knowledge to assist with Port operations including budget experience and employment issues.