Daniel Peterson

District 1 email:

Mr. Peterson was appointed September 2019 to fill the unexpired District 1 term and was the only candidate to file for election to the full term beginning January 2020.  He served as a Pend Oreille County Public Utility District Commissioner for 22 years and in that role was an officer in numerous local and regional economic development and utility organizations.  Mr. Peterson’s extensive experience, including State and Federal government relations, now benefits the Port operation.


Keith Peterson

District 2 email:

Mr. Peterson has been a resident of Pend Oreille County since 2008.  He enjoys spending time with his family and friends on the river, hunting, fishing, and enjoying all aspects of our county lifestyle.

Keith has been in the railroad industry for 24 years; his knowledge of rail operations is vital to the Port.



Ryan Kiss

District 3 email:

Mr. Kiss is a businessman residing in District 3.  He is a member of the Selkirk School District Board of Directors.  Mr. Kiss is a third generation Port Commissioner, following his father (Steve Kiss) and grandfather (Dave Garrett) on the Board of Commissioners.  Mr. Kiss has the business knowledge to assist with Port operations including budget experience and employment issues.