Kelly J. Driver — Manager

Kelly began working for the Port District in 1985 as the Port’s accountant and billing clerk for railroad operations. She was promoted to Office Manager in 2000 and then to Manager in 2003. Kelly is responsible for all aspects of railroad operations in conjunction with other staff as necessary, including HR services, contracts and negotiations, grant opportunities, business promotion, legal matters, insurance coverage, crossing agreements and more.

Myles Keogh — Chief Mechanical Officer

Myles began working for the Port District in 2011 as a mechanic in the POVA shop. He was promoted to CMO in 2020 and is in charge of shop projects and supply procurement. He is also in charge of shop contract labor and is the individual to contact for locomotive repair work.

Corey Ives — Roadmaster and Car Repairs

Corey began working for the Port in 1998 as a track laborer and mechanic.  Corey is a Certified Engineer and Certified Conductor, track inspector and is in charge of all car repairs.  Corey was promoted to Roadmaster on April 1, 2021; he handles the railroad’s track maintenance for both the Washington and Idaho sections.

Tom Hardwick- Track Foreman 

Tom began working for the Port in January 2010.  He worked his way up as track laborer, became a track inspector, Certified Conductor and Certified Engineer.  On April 1, 2021 he was promoted to Track Foreman; Tom works in conjunction with the Roadmaster to ensure track maintenance in Washington and Idaho.

Roger Moran – Signal Maintainer

  Roger began working for the Port in 2012 as a track laborer.  In addition to being POVA’s Signal Maintainer he is a Certified Conductor and works on the track and in the POVA shop.

Susan Bluff — Auditor

Susan began working for the Port District in October 2000 as the Port’s accountant. Susan is in charge of Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Payroll, and she has taken over responsibility for billing train movements.