Freight Services

POVA currently provides freight service three days per week to Bell Pole at Oldtown, Idaho; TriPro Cedar Products, Dynonobel, and Mountain West Bark at Albeni Falls, Idaho; Stimson Lumber in Priest River, Idaho and Idaho Forest Products in Laclede, Idaho.

After providing switching services to the customers on the line, POVA travels to Dover, Idaho where permission to travel across four miles of UPRR controlled tracks is obtained. POVA proceeds to the BNSF yard in Sandpoint where we deliver our outbound interchange to the BNSF.

Once POVA’s outbound freight is dropped off for BNSF in the Sandpoint Yard, we pick up any cars left for us by the BNSF and deliver them to our customers on our return trip.

POVA only directly interchanges cars with BNSF but we have the ability to obtain UPRR cars for customer loading as necessary.

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